Pramod Nathan's Research Page:

Welcome to my research page.

On this page you will find PDFs to my research work.

The following images give a glimpse of the work done in my Senior Year at Connecticut College.










                      Simulation                                                                             Real Robot

It culminated in a final study titled: Co-evolution of Sensor Morphology and Control on a Legged Robot

A preliminary paper was published that showed the viability of Evolving Hardware (in this case sensor attributes) for purposes of navigation and more importantly sensory discrimination.

Here is the link to that paper:    Evolving Sensor Morphology on a Legged Robot in Niche Environments: World Automation Congress, Budapest, July 2006

and some movies of the robot (they are biggish files and the robot is SLOOOOW!)


Central Mountain               Double Ridge                       Single Left                     Random Two                   Random Three

Unfortunately due to a HD failure and loss of my backup HD (go figure) I have lost a bulk of my past research work including work done for


The website to the Luleň University of Technology Formula SAE team can be found here:

SIRIUS Racing - Formula SAE, Luleň university of technology

Some Photos of said formula car: (Check out the awesome suspension; I designed the controller for the suspension system hence the excitement)

Needless to say, all the team members in the formula 2005 team that I interacted with are utter geniuses who are very personable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of them.